This is what happens when so many dismiss a powerful man’s toxic ego.

The violence that took place at the Capitol last Wednesday was a moment culminating from the complexities brought on by four years of Trump. The current peak of that culmination was a disgrace to our nation.

As we all sit back in dismay, wondering how this could happen, it seems…

Where does the responsibility of reversing climate change fall?

A debate circles around climate discussion that carries with it heavy weight. As we make the continued effort to lessen the effect of climate change, on whose shoulders does the brunt of the responsibility land?

Do we look to our politicians and hope for initiative and legislation to pull us…

The post election Trump show has begun.

As more mail in ballots were counted throughout the past week, the obvious was playing out, margins were thinning and Biden was closing the gap on the 2020 election. All the while the obvious was playing out in Trump-land as well, Trump will not concede.

When has he ever?


Heres to a more enriched writing life.

I am sitting down right now and writing my first Medium article. I have been reading essays, articles, and fresh perspective through Medium for some time now. Thank you, all the writers who offer a bit of themselves on here. It is a great space to share and express. I…

Jordan McCleester

I have been a long time dabbler in writing. I am joining the discourse on Medium to cultivate a deeper writing practice.

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